• Help your Family & Friends

    Trade/Sell your home-grown Fruits, Vegetables and Spices or your home-cooked Meals
  • Socialize using the Food Network

    Share the crops you harvest and the meals you cook and easily get in touch with people who offer Food and/or are interested in yours.
  • Serve your Community

    Give away your self-cultivated food or home-cooked meals to people who need it more than you
  • Support Sharefood.in

    Help our platform grow by donating funds to our foundation (via Crowdfunding), or help us by reaching out about Sharefood.in and spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues!
  • Boost your Charity

    Support your non-profit organization and (hence) the people in need, by joining our platform to find new opportunities for food sharing
  • Join the Sharefood.in platform and start trading, selling or donating food in your local community. You can either create a new Sharefood.in account or sign-in using your exiting Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

100% Free Social Marketplace for Online Food Sharing

Welcome to Sharefood.in, your free online marketplace to share home-grown crops and meals! Sign-up or login (using social media) to start selling, buying or trading food in your local community. Feel free to explore the possibilities, and find out how Sharefood.in can help you, your family and friends! Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below

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Monetize your Crops & Meals

You grow a lot of fruits and vegetables and cook meals every day, but what do you currently do with excess supply? Sharefood.in offers the possibility to share or trade the crops you harvest and the meals you cook.

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Trade / Sell / Buy Home-grown Food

Whether you deliberately want to share your home-grown fruits, vegetables and spices, or prefer cooking large quantities for supper anyway: you can use Sharefood.in to put up your food offerings for sale, trade or give-away. Mobilize your entire community and reap your mutual benefits!

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Easy, Straightforward and Reliable

Sharefood.in has been designed to meet your specific needs. You can trade food with your community using your desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone and use social media to login. Start today - it’s 100% free! No strings attached!

Sharefood.in: Kerala’s solution for food scarcity and skyrocketing food prices!

As a result of climate changes, the economic outlook, and growing populations worldwide, food prices are rising rapidly. Consequently, food scarcity is becoming a serious problem across the globe. Research has indicated that a lot of people already started cultivating their own food, to cope with shortages and price increases. However, questionnaires and interviews have shown that you often don’t know what other community members grow, when they are planning to harvest and who is willing to trade.

How great would it be to offer you an online platform by the use of which you can trade, sell or buy home-grown food and cooked meals? That’s exactly what Sharefood.in intends to be! During the past 2,5 years, the Foundation for Responsible Outsourcing - located in The Netherlands, Europe - was offered a structural percentage of a Dutch Software Agency’s revenue as donation. Those funds enabled us to build this platform from scratch, which we have optimized ever since. Now that the Sharefood.in platform is fully finalized, we need YOU to help us making it grow! Just take a look to experience the benefits to you, your family and friends. Join now - it’s free!

Free & Fair Marketplace for Trading / Selling / Buying Home-Grown Food

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In our opinion, offering the people of India “free” internet only - thereby restricting its reach to major social media - is not a solution for today’s major challenges such as food scarcity and skyrocketing food prices. We feel you need online tools that unconditionally help you building a better future together.

With that in mind we have developed ShareFood.in: an online platform that facilitates the trade of home-grown food and home-cooked meals. We have launched initially in the State of Kerala - aiming for viral growth there first - and hope to ultimately spread out to power also the rest of India in their food sharing abilities. Sharefood.in is 100% Free, and fully Compliant with Net Neutrality

What’s in it for me, and how can I start sharing food?

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Sharefood.in offers you, your family and community a free online marketplace to trade, sell or buy home-grown food. The Food Network is a unique opportunity to start monetizing the crops you grow and the meals you cook. You can also donate food to people who are in urgent need! Sharefood.in aims at promoting the use of social media and utilizing the sharing economy to fulfill your basic needs for life! Affordable food is literally around the corner, and from now on just one mouse click away!

All you need to do to share food with other people in your local area is to sign-up first (by using your existing Facebook/Twitter/Google-profile or creating a new Sharefood.in-account). Then, you can put your food offerings up for sale and/or search for supply in your direct neighbourhood. From there, it’s super easy to get in touch with the people around you using the platform’s tools.


“We seek sustainable solutions for the world’s toughest challenges. We aim at leveraging the sharing economy by offering people new means for sharing and trading food with one another. Our ultimate goal: decentralizing the food chain. Actions speak louder than words - join Sharefood.in today!”


Sebastian Mennes MSc. (Chairman)

“We strive for utilizing state-of-the-art, open source technologies to battle food scarcity and rising food prices! You can access Sharefood.in using an existing social media account and the platform is optimized for any device! Are you with us?”


Kevin Schenkers (CTO)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Sharefood.in - The Foodnetwork?

Sharefood.in is a free, online marketplace enabling you to share home-grown food. Fruits, vegetables, and spices you grow and/or meals you cook can be traded with, sold to or bought from people in your local community. You can also donate your food offerings to those in need!

Nice initiative, how can I help?

Your help is more than welcome! First, the more people joining the platform, the better its food offerings will be - so don’t hesitate to join us right away! Moreover, we want to spread the word about our ambitious project as extensively as we can and aim for enabling as much people in India sharing food with one another. So feel free to spread the word, and tell all your relatives, friends and peers about Sharefood.in!

How does it work?

Sharefood.in combines the features of an online marketplace and a social network. Here’s how it works:

1 Log in using your existing Facebook / Twitter / Google account, or create a new (Sharefood.in)-account.
2 Change the language, if you want
3 Check the availability of food in your neighborhood by searching for food name, description or user. You can also restrict food offerings to your local area, by selecting the Country (India - Kerala) first, and then narrowing down your search to City / District. It’s also possible to set this with one mouse click (“Apply Filter”) or see the food offerings on Google Maps (“Map View”)
4 Offer your own food to fellow Sharefood.in-users by clicking “Add Food.”
5 From there, you can select a category (Fruits / Vegetables / Dishes / Dry Fruits & Spices) and your preference for sharing (Available for Trade / for Sale / Give away to Charity)
6 When someone is interested in your food (or you are interested in someone else’s), simply hitting the “Apply” button on the food ad will enable you to start a conversation to make a deal.

I heard you also started a Crowdfunding campaign?

That’s right. In order for ShareFood.in to evolve into a sharing economy initiative that succesfully leverages social media to offer people innovative possibilities for trading their home-grown foods and home-cooked meals, we are approaching people around the world to help us. The development of ShareFood.in has been financed entirely with own funds during the past 2,5 years. Thanks to the help of Dutch software agency Newsourcing - that donated a fixed percentage of its revenue to the Foundation for Responsible Outsourcing - we managed to develop it on our own.

Now that the Sharefood.in platform is fully finalized and operational, we need additional funds in our quest for reaching exponential growth. In order to attract as many users as quickly as possible, we want to execute as much marketing efforts as possible in India’s southern state of Kerala. Hence, we started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to acquire sufficient marketing budget.

Do you charge money for using Sharefood.in?

No, ShareFood.in is 100% free for its users - both now and in the future!

Do I need the latest smartphone / computer to be able to use the platform?

The Food Network has been developed as a responsive web application that is freely accessible to everyone, regardless of which operating system or device is being used. Sharefood.in has been optimized for desktop computers, laptops and (moreover) smartphones and tables - so the platform can be used by anyone, really.

To maximize performance and accessibility of Sharefood.in, it is built using existing open-source technologies (Laravel, AngularJS) and utilizes social media API’s. As a result, to use ShareFood.in it is not required to create (yet) another online account: users can sign-up using their existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. But for those who do prefer creating a Sharefood.in-account, it is possible to register by e-mail as well.

Still have questions? No problem! Just Tweet @ShareFoodIn for help

Our Mission: Spreading The Food Network throughout India like wildfire!

Starting in the beautiful state of Kerala :-) Help Sharefood.in reaching viral growth and sign-up today!
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Join the revolution and start sharing food with your fellow Keralites!

Sharefood.in gives the power back to YOU; the people of Kerala! We believe food prices, demand and supply should be dictated by your local community, rather than international markets and corporations.